How to Survive Welcome Week

24 September 2015

By Flora Miller

Images courtesy of Matt Bromage via BCUSU

Need help to survive a week filled with welcome events including early lectures and late night parties? Wish someone would advise you on what to do? Here are some top tips and personal advice from second year students just for you first years!

Sound Engineering and Production student Harry Jones believes “Welcome Week is all about immersing yourself in societies that you’ve never tried before. You shouldn’t be afraid to join anything that tickles your fancy; you can always opt out later on! It’s a great way to meet people who aren’t on your course and the social events can be good fun.”


He added that Welcome Week is “is a chance for you to settle in before all the work starts. It’s a nice period of calm where you can meet people, network and generally find your feet.”

Molly Williams, a Media and Communications student advises first year students to “plan their welcome week to make sure they don’t miss out on great event” including the Welcome Fair.” Molly usefully sums up Welcome Week, by stating that you should “make the most of these events as you’re only a first year once!”

Welcome Week is also about getting to know your flat mates and as Paige Curtis states, flat mates are key to surviving the chaotic week. Studying Theatre, Performance and Event Planning, Paige said: They where the only people I knew at first so we learnt everything new together, Welcome Week was great, there where so many things to do to get used to the area and the University.”


So many people advise you how to act and what to say when meeting new people, but as Paige says: “Do not worry so much about meeting new people, everyone is in the same boat, no one knows anyone and is trying to makes friends, you do so much in Welcome Week it’s hard not to make friends.

During Welcome Week it is important not to spend all your loan or money, but to remember to save some for other events and weeks. And as Jessica Chumber says: “Maybe going to some events instead of all to save money etc., I found welcome week interesting, fun different activities to do.”

Welcome Week is about getting to know the city, your University and your flat mates. You should enjoy every second and not worry too much about making a few mistakes and letting you hair down. You should also make an effort to go to events. Phil Softly rightly advises, “make sure you get involved what is going on.” Also studying Sound Engineering and Production, he appears to remember his first year fondly adding; “It was pretty exciting for me really, a bit nerve racking to begin with but all good fun.”

Personally, Welcome Week will always bring nerves but excitement, enjoy it all, make friends, but do not do too crazy and have an incredible time. Good luck and welcome to Birmingham!