Toni & Guy: London Fashion Week

29 October 2015
3 Members of The Essensuals Birmingham Team.

So I recently visited Birmingham’s new Mailbox and it has a lot to offer. In particular the Tony & Guy salon is like no other

Sally from the Birmingham Essensuals salon invited us into her salon to talk about what the brand does and the latest styling and colouring technology in hairstyling.

Essensuals is the sister brand to none other than Toni & Guy, and provided inspiration for the latest hair trends which were featured in London Fashion Week. One of the Birmingham branch’s very own stylists was involved in creating some of the innovative styles modelled on the runways.

The Fashion Fix styling sessions provide inspiration for runway ready hair. The idea of 12 interchangeable styles that can be mixed and matched to create a whole new style is providing inspiration for fashionista enthusiasts everywhere. The styles are all ideally meant to take roughly half an hour to create, allowing more time to be dedicated to make-up and finding the right outfit, (especially for a night out.)

One of the models with a Fashion Fix style.

As you can see here the model looks like she’s been sat in a salon chair for most of the morning, however in reality the style took about 45 minutes to recreate. I think the idea of these fashion fixes is to look as though a lot of thought, time and preparation has gone into the hair style, when really its only a small amount of time and a little bit of effort. These styles are also designed so that they can be replicated easily at home by yourself, or so that they can be restyled easily the morning after.

If you want to experiment with your hair or feel you want to try something new, why not head to the Essensuals salon and ask their friendly team for ideas.

Essensuals can be found in the Mailbox, within the Tony & Guy salon.