Dearest Someone, Preview

29 November 2015

Words by Lisa Williams

A featured interview on Blogger, Ella Robson is to feature in the next edition of The Scratch Magazine!

Ella started her blog called Dearest Someone, with the purpose of tackling mental health stigma and creating an accurate and authentic portrayal of mental health.

Why should you read Ella’s blog?

My blogs cool for students, because I’m their age and I’ve gone through both my undergraduate and my postgraduate and I talk a lot about how I’ve gone to university mental health services and further afield   So they can find information about getting help from their university and help from other places and they can read real human experiences so they don’t feel like an alien going through this alone.

If you’d like to visit her blog you can find it here: The full interview will be available from Friday, in The Scratch Magazine’s latest issue!