Top Invention of the Week #4 KEECKER

03 January 2016

We are living in the “information age”, whatever that means. Between the birth of humanity and the year 2003, five exabytes of information were recorded by humans. Now, in 2015, we humans record more than five exabytes of new information every two days.

What we think we know today may not be at all certain tomorrow, but one thing is for sure: we’re living in the future. So that you can be ready for whatever the future holds, each week we’ll search high and low online to bring you the best futuristic content from the worlds of science, art & design, architecture, computing and robotics.

This week, we look at the world’s first HomePod, KEECKER.

KEECKER-810x455KEECKER is a smartphone-controllable robot that moves around your home, projecting video onto the walls. Mentionable, in particular, is the fact that it runs Android with Google Play access, allowing you to stream built-in apps like Netflix or YouTube directly into your home.

KEECKER is a video projector that also syncs with smartphones so that users can just as easily project their inbox on the wall or the ceiling in the morning as they can watch an episode of Girls in bed later that night. And unlike other projectors, KEECKER is mobile, doesn’t need a cord, and has a battery charge good for about a week. Announced this week at CES, KEECKER was designed by Pierre Lebeau, a former product manager at Google.

Up until now, we’ve experienced digital technology largely on rectangular screens that we either remotely control or touch and swipe (although that could be changing). If we want to watch a movie on anything bigger than a laptop, we’re probably plopping down and watching in a fixed spot.

KEECKER lets you watch anywhere (well, anywhere there’s enough wall space and no stairs to climb). It isn’t the first such idea we’ve seen. Openarch, for example, is an augmented reality prototype of a smart home where screens pop up on the walls in tandem with your daily routine, showing metrics like how much water your plants need, or what’s on your morning to-do list. Unlike this or any other Minority Report-esque projects, KEECKER is a fairly simple piece of hardware that’s slated for a soon-to-launch Kickstarter campaign.


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This KEECKER could change the way home entertainment works and interacts with people. Whether this product becomes a hit, we shall see. However the versatility of use and mobility of the Keecker might allow it to become a hit. With hefty price tag rumored to be $4,000 to $5,000, there’s difficulty seeing it widespread.

What do you think? Do you think this home butler might be what home was looking for? Or do you see this product as a technophile gimmicky product? Let us know using the hashtag #SCRATCHGEEK

Source: images Courtasy of KEECKER.


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