Scratch Radio Elections

15 February 2016

It’s that time of year again, a brand new Scratch Radio Committee is on the way! Anyone who is a member of Scratch is allowed to apply.

To apply you need to write a manifesto no longer than 300 words (that’s just some words that say why you’d be good for the role) and fill in the submission form, send it to [email protected]

You can then read out your manifesto at the election which is at 6pm on 15th March in the Curzon Lecture Theatre on the ground floor. You will also have one minute to freely talk about why you should get the role! (if you can’t make the election then we can read out your manifesto for you, but bear in mind you won’t get your minute of free speech and no one will be able to ask you any questions that they may ask the other candidates).

The job roles you can apply for are below. You can apply for two roles, one as your first choice and one your second. If you don’t win your first choice, you might win your second choice. If you win your first choice you cannot win your second choice.

You’ve got until 5pm on 15th March to submit your manifesto and submission form! We’ll find out on the night who wins and we’ll be handing over to the new committee during April. Some roles are for students and some are for community/alumni members as shown in the job roles.

Click here for: Scratch Radio Job Descriptions

Click here for: Submission Form 2016

List of Roles Available:

  • Station Manager (student)
  • Assistant Station Manager (student)
  • Community Co-ordinator (community/alumni)
  • Head of Station Sound (student)
  • Head of Visual Branding (student)
  • Chief Engineer (student)
  • Daytime Programme Controller (student)
  • Specialist Programme Controller (student)
  • Head of Music (student)
  • Deputy Head of Music (student)
  • Head of Producers (student)
  • Webmaster (student)
  • News Editor (student)
  • Sport Editor (student)
  • Head of Crew and Events (student)
  • Head of Marketing (student)
  • Radio Broadcast Assistant (2 x student, 1 x community/alumni)