Scratch Radio 24 Hour Challenge

07 March 2016

On Friday the team at Scratch Radio took to the airwaves for a whole 24 hours. Moving their entire studio set up to the Pop Up Shop in Curzon Building, they were able to stay on air in one continuous radio show from 10am on Friday to 10am on Saturday. Not only that but they also kept an exercise bike going to raise money for Cancer Research UK during the broadcast. They managed to raise a total of £547.62 and you can still donate here if you wish:


Everyone was immensely tired, but it was great fun, and Scratch TV were even there to provide a live webcam of the event! Which included the presenters going head to head in various challenges, involving food, water and much more.20160305_033843

The event rounded off Scratch Media Week, where Scratch Radio also ran Presenter Swap, with regular co-hosts changing over to try new shows, as well as having music from different decades all week too, alongside their regular playlists. They also hosted an SU Elections Show, inviting the candidates to speak on air for one minute about why students should vote for them.


Here’s a video of the final few seconds of the broadcast, highlights will be up soon!