Why Politics Matter?

15 April 2016

If you haven’t been reading, watching, listening to the news, or heck, even just opening your eyes this week, you would have seen a lot of things about a place called Panama and it’s papers, and something to do with Brexit and some referendum happening. There is much to get through, I must admit, this is only just the beginning.

There are simply just a handful of SIMPLE and very GOOD reasons as to why 2016 all you ‘Gen X or Y’ (whatever Z, I don’t care) or ‘Millenials’ should actually start to become politically engaged, and actually feel something about British Politics, and in that, feel something about the world and its happenings around you.

‘Politics’ will affect a lot of aspects of your life if you choose to live it in the UK or elsewhere on earth; specifically for us youngsters, our futures are still ahead, not going to put it lightly, it’s looking relatively bleak.

However, it does not have to be bleak forever. If ya’ll actually become politically engaged, it means more knowledge; and knowledge is power.

Why Politics Matter?

Let’s keep it nice and easy; here is some of the important stuffs that Politics and the Government affect;

HOUSING. One day we’d all like to own a home of our own; conveniently located with a pub and a shop round the corner, with a nice view, nice neighbours, all that nice nice nice stuff, right? Well Politics/Government, can swing how it works; you may have noticed we have a HOUSING CRISIS at the moment; meaning not enough houses are being built, rent prices are soaring and it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for young people to get a foot on the property ladder. Studies show that under 25s could be permanent renters, and that most of us won’t move out of our parents’ until we’re 28.

HEALTH. So, there is something pretty serious going on with the NHS, you know that wonderful service that has been established in the UK, that allows us to not pay thousands upon thousands to look after ourselves; well, the NHS is funded through taxpayer’s money. There are currently strikes involving Junior Doctors, petitions to get rid of the Health Secretary with Parliament, and the future of the NHS is uncertain

PUBLIC SERVICES. The list goes on for this; obviously the NHS as mentioned earlier, but also the roads we all use, Fire services, Police, Education, Electricity, Waste Management, Social Services, Local Council, Town Planning, Public Transportation, Public Libraries, Postal Service, Military, Trident (Nuclear), Environmental Protection, you can see where I am going with this…

THE ECONOMY. ‘Show meh the monehhhhhhh.’ The UK economy combined with the global economy pretty much sets the price for everything; EVERYTHING. Literally, down to whatever comes to your mind, whether it’s food, products, services, rent, loans, banks, again, the list goes on and on. The Economy is basically the running of activity related to production, consumption and trade of goods and services. If you read about the news of UK Steel industry, there is a prime example for you. Also; even YOUR money

EDUCATION. Education is vital, we all know that. It is important to teach future generations what we all now already, passing on knowledge, skills, values, beliefs perhaps, so the future can progress and become better. Two PERFECT examples for you on how politics can affect education; £1.5billion of funding is in the process of transforming ALL primary and secondary schools into academies. (Academies are state-funded and run independently of the local education authority.) AND another example; is university tuition fees; remember the rise of the fees back in 2010? Mhm.

ENVIRONMENT. The environment may not be as important to some as it is to others, however, we can no longer ignore that climate change is a real thing, and scientists are urging humanity and governments to make changes to help the Earth and its inhabitants, such as the poor polar bears. The UK could do better with helping out the environment, in the last 5 years; support for onshore wind has been scrapped, our most beautiful nature sites are being fracked, but nuclear power is a huge investment for discovery, aka Trident.

These are just a few things to start you off with. Don’t let Politics rule your life, but please, please do not ignore the matter.