Hotel LaTour’s bum blunder creates sexism debate:

13 May 2016

If you’re a city centre dweller, you may have noticed these brash advertisements outside of Hotel LaTour.

My White’s English Chophouse, a place that feels like you are dining in “North Korea”  tried to up the ante with some cheeky signs, boasting about their redevelopment.

Slapped over clinically white boards surrounding the smokers area is a picture of a woman’s bottom, completely cut off from the rest of her torso. The poster reads:

We’re getting ready to reveal our FABULOUS NEW REAR..! entrance.

The fact that the restaurant dubs itself a “Chophouse” whilst using a chopped off sexualised part of a woman’s body to try and arouse interest, is quite frankly disturbing. Objectification is rife in the advertising industry, reducing (predominantly) women into two dimensional tropes, merely used for sexual satisfaction.

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice there is also one advert of a man’s naked bottom, because that’s equality, right?

Dr Gemma Commane of Birmingham City University tweeted about her disagreement with the “highly sexist” advert:

Commane said:

It was odd to see these billboards, and I felt they were really inappropriate, as did other colleagues. There were, obviously, some people who read the comments as something silly, that those protesting should get a life, and that the billboards were just a laugh.

The billboards are systematically sexist, and they perpetuate very archaic and simplistic notions about identity, beauty, power and consumer culture. At the heart of these images is sexism, and the aesthetics of sexism is oppressive.

It is important for everyone to take responsibility and confront any forms of oppression that we see.

his is one of the central aspects of feminism – a feminism for all, a feminism which confronts issues that actually affect every one of us matter your age, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation or politics. Oppression and sexism affects us all in different ways, and both are very complex: there’s nothing simplistic about anyone’s experience.

The “pert and perfect” advert has since been removed after a backlash of comments over Twitter:

Hotel La Tour have been reached for comment.

What do you think? Are these adverts just a bit of cheeky fun? Or another nail in the coffin of everyday sexism? Let us know in the comments below.