Batman Return to Arkham “delayed indefinitely”

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30 June 2016

Warner Bros. have announced that the new Batman bundle will be “delayed indefinitely”, with no further release date yet announced.

Return to Arkham, a polished and perfected pack of Arkham Asylum and City for Xbox One and Ps4 was due to be released on July 29, bringing the Arkham saga to date to shiny next-gen level.


On the Warner Bros. forum, a staff post claimed the extra time was needed to “deliver a polished Batman Arkham experience.”

Fans are skeptical however, with some assuming the games have been pushed back to October when Batman will swoop onto VR.

User Lazerousoup said the delay “isn’t surprising”, adding:

While it’s great that you’re giving more time to making the game a solid experience this isn’t surprising given the sparse information, questionable quality and prolonged silence from the mods, WB or virtuous.

You can’t blame customers be being extremely wary about this situation given how even the delays of arkham Knight didn’t save it from some troubles.

Another user Madsdad wrote: “While I want the best game possible I am bummed over this news. I don’t get how they just announce it and now it’s delayed?”

However, devout Arkham fans may be tied over by a limited edition Batsuit exclusive to forum members, the Zur-Enn-Arrh costume links to the Batman comics, when Batman’s lost his mind and a back up personality had to step in.


via Warner Bros.

The limited edition suit can be accessed from

Do you think these games should stay locked away in Arkham Asylum? Or are you Joker mad for their release? Let us know in the comments!

Feature image via Warner Bros.

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