An Interview with Anna Pancaldi

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10 October 2016

I caught up with London based singer songwriter Anna Pancaldi, since I saw her last October where we filmed with Scratch TV Anna has released her new single ‘Keep On Keeping On’ and is overwhelmed by it all: “It’s hard to put into words how I feel today for so many reasons and so my words are few. I have put my all into this, here I give you my brand new single available online, and my music video shot in Paris with amazing Rhys Davies and produced by James Kenosha.”

After doing 15 nights of house gigs across the UK including two here in Birmingham, the brand new single ‘Keep On Keeping On’ has been released, Anna speaks about it in our interview for Scratch Radio.

“As an artist you are really quite terrified that you’re never going to write another good song again and its all reliant upon that, so it’s quite a lot of pressure. This EP is the proudest I’ve ever been of anything I’ve ever made actually. When you finally reach that point it’s a really wonderful feeling, I really can’t wait for people to hear it! It’s a real step up from what I have created before”.

The launch for the single is going to be in St, Leonards church in Shoreditch, London, a beautiful venue for her fans to hear the tracks. The church will be filled with Anna’s voice, violins, cello’s and a grand piano which she will be playing to preview one of her other new tracks available on the EP. ‘Keep On Keeping On’ is also being released on an EP next March alongside 2 other tracks, so keep your eyes peeled for more information about the release.

 Anna discussed at length about her amazing trip across the US where she travelled to the likes of LA and the Big Apple. When planning the trip Anna thought she would just be doing open mic nights and ended up headlining shows and having people travel over 3 hours to come and see her play.

Her favourite venue of the tour was the Rockwood Music Hall in New York, after never playing in the US the venue was packed out and left her with some amazing memories. During her time across the pond she played live on CBS television and also on a rooftop overlooking the LA skyline.

Anna said that her time in LA and the rest of the US has “changed [her] entire life now.” when talking about her LA experience at the house gigs she is encouraging others to make that decision to press that go button or to take that flight as even though “not every time you take a gamble on something is it going to work out” but that time for her it really really did.

Her voice is one that everyone will enjoy, a songwriter that doesn’t just sing about love songs but about her life experiences. A voice that is relaxing and soothing to listen to, a varied style of songs that you can enjoy from an acapella lullaby to an upbeat pop song that was used by Levi’s Jeans in their adverts last summer. She is an artist to keep an eye on in the future!

If you are interested in Anna’s music then head over to Spotify, iTunes and YouTube or follow her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

The new single ‘Keep On Keeping On’ is out NOW!

Check out the interview and live tracks below;

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