Glass Animals at O2 Institute Birmingham – Gig Review

16 March 2017

10th March marked a special date for fans of Glass Animals in the Birmingham area. It was about time for the band’s first ever headline show in the city. The venue was sold out and many fans were eagerly queueing up hours before the doors opened. Although the early days of March, this year, have been exceptionally warm, the crowd at The O2 Institute were the exact opposite at the beginning.


Roosevelt, the support act, had a hard time getting the crowd pumped up. As far as I could tell it may not have been Roosevelt’s best performance, as he appeared unprepared. Yet the steadiness of the crowd was extremely surprising. Although, he was a good warm-up for Glass Animals, especially as he remixed two of their songs, giving them an 80s disco-anthems.


The stage for the main act was decorated in unsurprisingly extreme Glass Animals fashion. A giant, gold pineapple was hanging down from the ceiling, resembling a disco ball. There was also a real, organic pineapple along with huge, golden cacti decorating both sides of the stage. The obsession with pineapples made more sense once I remembered their lyrics “Pineapples are in my head” from their song, ‘Pork Soda’. This was also the last one performed on the night.


However, it’s too soon to talk about endings. Dave Bayley, the lead singer, had an amazing amount of energy. As the intro played, he jumped out onstage, and was greeted eagerly by the sold-out venue. Throughout, he danced, engaged with the crowd and seemed to be really enjoying performing. His energy infected the entire crowd. As soon as he started singing the first song, ‘Life Itself’, it was clear that Birmingham has been long awaiting this gig. The crowd were singing along to all the tunes, even the lesser known ones, which was much appreciated by Glass Animals. At various points throughout the gig, Bayley climbed on top of equipment onstage, he could sing anywhere.


Overall, it’s easy to say that Glass Animals know perfectly well how to entertain an audience. It’s a shame that it took them so long to visit Birmingham, but it was well worth the wait. However, I felt slight odd afterwards, but it is hard to pinpoint exactly why? It might have been a feeling of wanting more. I felt Dave Bayley’s performance overshadowed his fellow band members, and the pineapple disco-ball should’ve been used more often. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t an enjoyable night. I’m positive that next time Glass Animals venture to Birmingham, the venue will be another sold-out success.