REVIEW: Blaenavon / Anteros / Paris Youth Foundation – Hare and Hounds

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06 April 2017

Blaenavon are a multi-faceted, hyper aware band. They know they’re good, and they are the sound everyone has been waiting for to erupt through the cracks in the floor. On the home stretch of their pre-album tour, Blaenavon created a tornado of ferocity, passion and heat.

Paris Youth Foundation kicked off the gig at the Hare and Hounds, the Liverpool based five piece bubbled through their set with ease. Cantering drums carried the melody along with high pitched harmonies and Two Door Cinema Club-esque riffs. Tipped for big things in 2017 by the likes of The Hyve and BBC Introducing, their slower songs, along with the single Losing Your Love are their strongest cards to play, giving versatility and dimension to their set.

Anteros definitely cranked up the gears, with a stage presence any band would envy. Their single Drunk is the perfect example of how enigmatic, soulful and downright sassy their tracks are. The flux of palm mute guitar beats and soulful melodies was almost as intertwined as the band’s connection to one another. There’s a visible high the band get that liquifies within the crowd, and Anteros prove to anyone watching that they love what they do, and they’re going to do a damn good job whilst they’re here.

Floating onto stage, Blaenavon could be naively mistaken for any old twenty-something indie band. Lead singer Ben Greggory arrives adorned in a suit and corpse like make up as an 80’s style synth rains down. And then, without hesitation, they begin with Hell is My Head and catapult into Let’s Pray. They give their all to the crowd who deliver just as much, who hand the musicians daffodils to plait into their instruments. Nothing but pure, unadulterated passion leaks from every note and vibrates through the room with every riff and kick snare.

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It’s fair to say after so much touring, and creating an album that took a good part of five years to make, Blaenavon are tired. Their debut album arrived into the world this Friday (which Ben urged everyone to “stream the fuck out of, even with the volume off”). Their hard work doesn’t come with a defeatist attitude, they transfix the crowd as they effortlessly weave betweem indie-pop hits such as My Bark is Your Bite into the rawness and open vulnerability of Alice Come Home. Just like a storm, they pick the crowd up again with a thunderous rendition of Orthodox Man, before Ben is carried away by adoring, daffodil clad fans.


The way Blaenavon can switch between the sharp frostiness of the new single Lonely Side to the pure heat of tracks like Orthodox Man is engrossing. Some fans go as far to say Blaenavon are the Nirvana of this generation, and I see the resemblance. Blaenavon are aware that their music has this blend of artistic poetry and open, honest lyrics with catchy yet radio friendly riffs. It’s taken their whole adolescence to get to this summit, and Blaenavon deserve to reap every seed they have sown.

That’s Your Lot is available from April 7.

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