REVIEW: Slydigs, Rainbreakers – The Sunflower Lounge

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31 May 2017

For those with a love for the music that time forgot. For the rock and rollers, free thinkers, working class heroes and those who want to live forever. Look no further than Warrington born, world dominating Slydigs.

After touring around the world with a small, unheard of band called The Who, its only fair that Slydigs have their time as a headliner. Supporting their new EP How Animal Are You, Slydigs’ set is full of festival bangers, sentimental ballads and a revolver full of intricate, bluesy guitar solos.

Shrewsbury based group Rainbreakers introduced the crowd to rock and roll with a country twang. Rainbreakers kept a steady tempo with crooning, almost funk inspired guitars in On My Own, whilst Waiting on You brought down the tempo to sunny slow jam infused with heartbreak. Those who are fans of the classic sound of Stereophonics and the crooning guitars of The Raconteurs will really dig this up and coming band.

An improv drum solo and clashing guitars from The Rainbreakers lit the fuse for the firecrackers that are Slydigs. Western undertones walk the line in Suburban Confinement, but with a modern twist reminiscent of The Black Keys or Jack White. Give it Up Brother infuses the best elements of rock music: a catapult of guitars, a stomping kick drum irresistible to clap along to, and a catchy hook that will claw its way into your head.


As frantic and high octane Slydigs are, their home grown roots and sentimentality still stand tall. They’re proud of their working class roots, of being a builder and plastering walls in the day, to spending all night in rehearsal rooms recording music. Music is prominent for them, with singer Dean admitting that “music heals and brings you through it” – before tributing the recent Manchester events to the ballad To Catch a Fading Light.

Ending with the bluesy Stiff Upper Lip, Slydigs encapsulated the rock and roll dream so many of us had at adolescence. They’re living the dream and loving every moment of it, putting every vessel of energy they have into giving the audience what they came for.

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