Every Frame Counts – Judges

Our fantastic team of judges are comprised of people steeped in student media and film.

Robert graduated from University of Birmingham and was previously a very active member in the student run television station, Guild TV. He held the position of Head of Production on the committee.  Robert is now the chair of NaSTA (National Student Television Association) and holds a passion for film and television.

Polly is a University graduate from University of Manchester and now holds the position of Development Officer for NaSTA (National Student Television Association) whereby she takes responsibility for the development of the UK’s student television stations. She is also the Station Manager of Fuse TV in Manchester and a contributor to the NUO magazine.

Leigh is the Senior Editor of both Maverick TV and NorthOneTV whereby he has edited shows such as the likes of Fifth Gear and Gadget Show. He has also edited, directed and produced a number of short films as part of the company, Tinker Taylor Films.

Aside from claiming 3rd place in the official 48 Hour film Competition for 2015, Joel has directed and produced many short films such as ‘Nothing you want’ and ‘The Quickener’ whereby he incorporated narrated rap for dramatic effect alongside a medieval feel and look to the production.

Phil is a filmmaker and the director and writer of hit movie ‘Own Worst Enemy’ which starred the famous twins from Harry Potter, James and Oliver Phelps. He has written and produced may short films aside from this and is a big fan of silent movies.